This document’s aim is to show the Company’s opinions and to provide a financial information, the most accurate and precise as possible.
Therefore, it doesn’t intend to suggest any financial trade or investment regarding the assets mentioned by the Company in its analysis, nor it has to be read as an invitation in buying any of its services.

GM Consulenza declines any responsibility concerning the result of the suggested trades or investments, and the analysis supplied neither. These ones will be referred only to the recipients of the expressed opinions, who are free to follow the Company’s advices themselves or less, also deciding, time by time, different ways of trading or investing. Nor any responsibility can be charged on GM Consulenza for financial losses concerning the mentioned trades or investments based on the information and data contained in this document.

The information contained in this document is based on reliable sources, however GM Consulenza is not able to assure the truthfulness and the thoroughness of the data contained in its analysis, referring to the sources themselves.
The Company, while carrying out its business, could be positioned in any direction on the markets of the mentioned financial asset. The expressed opinions can be modified in any moment by the Company, without notice.

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